Experience from the Netherlands

Of course, because this beautiful natural product benefits many people. The Netherlands was one of the first European countries to use CBD on a large scale. Therefore, the sellers have extensive knowledge and experience with the product.
Also, shipping from abroad is very fast these days. Parcels are often delivered just as quickly as domestic orders. And some shops also offer free shipping to Germany.

Legality of Purchase

Buying CBD oil is legal these days. Buying CBD oil is legal in both Germany and the Netherlands as our CBD products contain almost no THC

Buy CBD capsules from the Netherlands

You can also buy CBD capsules in Holland. The capsules contain the same oil as the CBD oil we sell in bottles. The only difference is that these oils come in capsule form. The capsules are very convenient to take with you on a trip or an excursion. Standard dosing is also easy.

What can you buy cheaply in Holland?

Liposomal ointments are currently very popular. It is widely used for skin problems like psoriasis. PEA is an endogenous substance that is activated, among other things, in cases of inflammation and pain. The addition of this cream can help heal skin or joint pain more quickly. Liposomal skin cream can be used both for skin and joint problems and as a day cream.

What to look out for

If you want to buy CBD oil, you should buy it in the Netherlands, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland or Austria as it is of very high quality there. However, it must comply with the regulations applicable in Germany. Caution: In countries where the requirements and control measures are not so strict, CBD oils can also contain residues from fertilizers and pesticides.

frequently asked Questions

THC is legal in the Netherlands, but what about Germany?

In Germany 0.2% is allowed, so you have to pay attention to it when buying.

What production methods are used in Holland?

Most of the standard procedures are used, such as B. the alcoholization, but the quality is better.

Can there be problems with the police when buying in Holland?

Not if the permissible THC value is not violated.

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